try again

Ever tried.  Ever failed.  No matter.
Try again.  Fail again.  Fail better.
(quote from Samuel Beckett)
So much to be learned from the perseverance of a toddler. Long may it last!

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boy in a bucket

Collage - boy in buckets 4B3 summers with a boy in a bucket.  Good times :o)

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herbal heaven with one easy scoop and twist

A recent re-jig of my kitchen cupboards revealed several dusty jars of herbal teas.  I once had a tea strainer but that was snaffled by E long ago and my teapot came to a shattering end on my kitchen floor courtesy of a swishing cat tail!  How glad I was when my friends at OXO offered me an Easter present to resolve my herbal tea drinking woes (and how forgiving of my tardy reviewing style they continue to be).
I can’t believe how much I’ve spent on teabags over the years when I could have been supping from this collection of Tulsi tea and orange, Roobos with cocoa, authentic Jasmine tea from G’s trip to China or calming Lemon balm with rose.
The result is a little dusty but for the depth of flavour and the greater natural properties of having whole dried fruit leaf it’s worth it.
To transform your brewing experience tea balls are available from the OXO website. The twisting feature makes filling with a large amount loose leaf tea a breeze.  The long, stainless steel neck accommodates most cups and mugs and could also be used for herbs and spices in recipes.  Soft, comfortable, non-slip grip.  Dishwasher safe and BPA free. What more could you want?Oxo tea ballDisclosure:  I was sent this tea ball to review.  I was not obliged to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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wordless wednesday


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the terrific twos

(apologies for re-posting from Monday – I accidentally deleted the original while tinkering with my phone!)

The printer whirred into life and E ran from the room. Silently, no shouts or drama.
I followed him into the hallway where he stood, head down, leaning into the wall.
”Mumma come” was all he said quietly.

I crouched down and asked ‘‘Do you not like the sound of the printer?”.
He shook his head ”too loud”.

”Oh dear, how does it make Euan feel” I asked.
He tipped his head to the side and his lip trembled. ”like crying”.
He didn’t cry but whispered ”hold me” and leaned in for a hug.Dr Euan 4B

Moments later I bumped my head on the table turning the printer off and it was all I could do to suck in my breath and not swear.
”Are you ok Mumma? I kiss it better for you” he said and suddenly it was me who felt like crying. Those hot blinky tears that spring from the very depths of a joyfilled heart and make swallowing hard!

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den heaven

10-6-14 - Crickley Hill den_E exploring 4BCrickley Hill has always been one of our favourite places.  G and I could amble for hours through the woods or over the escarpment.  Now we are 3 visits remain as long but generally we find ourselves in one particular spot playing dens. 10-4-14 - Crickley Hill den_E & I 4B

All the more fun with friends in tow. 10-4-14 - Crickley Hill_E outside den 4B
I’ve had a small canvas made of this picture as I love it so much and  it’ll hang in E’s room once we finish decorating.

Ask E what his favourite part of den making at Crickley Hill is and I’m sure he’d say ‘‘When the ic-cream man is there’‘. 18-4-14 - Crickley Hill ice cream

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superfood snack time

15-6-14 - pomegranate 4B15-6-14 - pomegranate seeds 4B15-6-14 - pomegranate seeds close up 4B

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