changing seasons

October 22, 2009 at 8:57 am Leave a comment

virginia creeper for headerNotice anything different?  My blog has a new seasonally inspired temporary hairdo.  What I intend to do is create a header that includes the name of my blog so that weary travellers to my little corner of the blogosphere realise where they are resting.  However teaching myself how to use layers in Photoshop is proving to be a slow, frustrating process so while I puzzle it out the summer redcurrants have been replaced with autumn reds.  These beautiful Viriginia Creeper leaves camouflage a concealed shed down on the allotment. hanging creeper leavescreeper coloursI quite fancy wrapping my shed in a cloak of leaves and I like this combination of blue and red on another shed at the allotment.  I’ve heard Virginia Creeper grows easily from cuttings… creeper on blue shed Viriginia Creeper plants contain oxalate crystals and can irritate the skin in some people so I need to be really sure I’m prepared for looking after it (and can reach to cut it when it climbs much higher than my 5’3” height).  It’s not the sort of plant to give up without a fight once it’s established and can become stronger than the materials it attaches itself to making it hard to remove without damaging the surface beneath if you change your mind.  Just as well I’ve got more important maintenance jobs to complete on my shed before I think about how to make it look prettier – like getting a roof on it! dwarf beans on shed door

… which is why this overlooked bunch of dwarf bean pods, found sleeping in the spinach this week, will not be drying out in my shed.

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