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I’d like to introduce you to Megan – a very special guest taster at Nipitinthebud!

Megan with Apple porridgeNature’s Path sent me some Hot and Steamy gluten-free porridge oats to try and 7 year old Megan kindly stepped forward as Chief Taster.  Megan’s opinion is far more important than mine because she has coeliac disease and has to follow a strictly gluten free diet in order to feel well and thrive.  If Megan were to eat gluten her immune system would react by damaging the lining of her small intestine causing a host of unpleasant and painful digestive symptoms but  also effecting how her body absorbs nutrients.  How scary must that be for both parent and child, especially as the condition is so often undiagnosed.  To find gluten-free products that can take the worry out of scrutinising food labels and bring a little flavour to the table for a child having to manage this condition is well worth a thumbs up.
food quote

Usually I read marketing blurb with a pinch of salt but I like the simplicity of this claim for Natures Paths new gluten free oats.


Hot and Steamy is all about showing off oats’ more sumptuous side by bringing a little more variety to the ‘free-from’ aisle by offering a diverse mix of fabulous flavours: original, spiced apple & maple.  Hot and Steamy oats are not only gluten-free, but wholegrain, high fibre, low in saturated fats and organic.

We start our day with a bowl of oats and don’t worry too much about how well E eats at lunchtime if we know he’s had his porridge power.  With a low glycaemic index the energy from his oats is slowly released over a longer period than with more refined cereals helping to suppress appetite and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.  I was really surprised by the texture of these gluten free oats as they looked, tasted and swam in the milk in exactly the same way as our standard Scottish oats (my previous dabblings with gluten-free products has been a more bland and tasteless affair!).  Megan’s Mum said they mixed better than the brand she buys from the Supermarket.  The most important question for all of us of course was how they tasted…
Original oats packet-1
Spiced Apple – Megan’s lovely, smiley thumbs up photo at the start of this post is from sampling the ”scrumptious” Spiced Apple oats.  Mum Tracy agreed it was lovely, sweet and fruity.  It was E’s favourite – he liked the ”speckles” (flax seeds), ”bits” (dried apple) and cinnamon.

Maple – ”delicious” according to Megan (disgusting according to her Mum!).  We liked the Maple flavouring but also found it too sickly sweet compared to our usual oats with barely a sneeze of honey on.

Original – Megan’s Mum said ”I tried to start with this one but she wasn’t having any of it!  After the other 2  I felt this was a poor relation but it still got a yummy from Megan”.
Gluten free porridge 4B

The Verdict
thumbs up bird mixed well

handy single size sachets (good for trialling a new brand or for camping/sleepovers.

jazzing up breakfast if following a gluten-free diet

Spiced apple – particularly tasty and different

thumbs down bird

portion size –  both 2 yr old E and Megan had fruit or toast afterwards to fuel them up.  I’d need 2 sachets to fuel me up (av 119kcal per sachet)

expensive (£2.99 for 8 scahets – would prefer to buy a large bag for daily use at home)

mixed flavours – would prefer to buy as single flavours (ie. leave out Maple!)  The kids liked it but we Mums prefer to sweeten or bulk out the oats with fruit or honey (Megan’s Mum uses Forever Bee Honey).

Overall a very positive response from Megan and that’s all that really matters:
10/10 (Maple), 9/10 (Spiced Apple) and 8.5/10 (Original).  Thank you Megan for the use of your time, taste buds and tummy as our gluten-free Chief Taster x x xMegan with score cards-1
Disclosure: I was sent the Hot and Steamy oats to review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are Megan’s, her Mum’s or my own.

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