further adventures in BOGS

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Soon after reviewing E’s baby BOGS this Fishbowl Challenge video appeared on the BOGS footwear website. It would have been fun to submerge a sand filled boot in a bowl of water for one minute as part of our Baby BOGS review but falling into a compost heap was proof enough of their durability at the time! It’s been terrific having total confidence in E’s footwear whatever the weather, I only wish I could have as much fun without doing that boring adult thing of gingerly side-stepping puddles in unsuitable footwear (my spider ridden, leaky wellies were ditched when we let go of the allotment). If only I had all-weather boots so I was ready for any adventure too, be it rainy, snowy or sunny and breezy. Sigh, it’s a hard life being a grown up…
Bogs x2 4B
But what is this? My Fairy BOGSMother must have heard about my soggy feet and sent this lovely pair of Tacoma rain boots to my door. 100% water proof, non-slip soles and fully insulated and warm down to sub-zero temperatures what more could a girl want? (apart from an allotment to really get down and dirty with them that is). Hey ho, at least I knew we could rely on the Great British Weather to provide some puddles to jump in for my review. So off we two BOGS wearing explorers went one morning, with Nana and Grandad in tow, to a local Ford.
CK Ford
Sadly the Ford water was flowing too fast after heavy downpours all week for a paddle. So having decided it wasn’t safe to road test the traction of my non-slip rubber soles we moved on in our quest for puddles.
collage_bog walk
Walking in my new BOGS is certainly a very comfortable and cosy experience. They’re insulated with a Neo-Tech 4 way stretch inner bootie to provide total insulation against extremely cold weather (down to -15) while being completely breathable in milder weather. What’s more if your feet do get hot the BOGS Max-wick moves sweat away to keep them dry and the contoured footbed contains Durafresh earth friendly bio-technology that activates to fight unwanted odour.
Rethink comfort
Compared to how cold, uncomfortable, smelly and damp my feet used to get in my cheap shed stored B&Q wellies my feet feel positively pampered in my BOGS. The only redeeming feature of my old wellies was how easy they were to clean, or rather leave uncleaned in the shed. You can imagine how my Tacoma BOGS scored on that front too with their shiny rubber outer! On the BOGS website the only negative comment about these the Tacoma boots is that they don’t stay shiny over time. For me that’s a plus as I’m looking forward to them looking a bit roughed up being ill at ease with looking so smart when seeking out messy places with E!
Bog walk_puddle jumping 4B
At last we found some puddles, albeit little ones! Not a brilliant baptism of such sturdy boots but fun nevertheless. And since that initial outing they’ve been worn on many occasions and had their first mddu baptism in a churned up field for E’s first ever Pony ride. Good times and I’ve no doubt these boots will see many more adventures (although I need to ask Father Christmas to bring me some skinny fit shower proof trousers as I’ve only one pair of jeans that fit inside the leg of these equestrian style boots. Afterall it’s a shame to have all-weather boots and then have the task of washing muddy flares!)
If you’d like to ask Father Christmas to bring you some BOGS for Christmas there’s a fabulous all-seasons range at bogsfootwear.com. In the UK Santa’s elves can get the Tacoma boots from The Wellywarehouse, in these colours, for £76.50 + free P&P.
Collage BOGS
Disclosure: I was sent the Tacoma BOGS to try. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

© Charlton Kings Ford picture used with permission from the photographersresources.co.uk under the Creative Commons license

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