a visit from the kindness elves » 12-12-15 – E with kindness elves close up 4B

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About Nip it in the bud

Welcome to my blog about growing and cooking allotment veg since 2009 and growing sweet boys since 2012. Take a walk with us through our life in Gloucester with a boy, a baby and 3 cats.

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I challenged Euan to choose an idea from my @pinterest Lego-ing board to make. Introducing Pecky the bird who E made with no instructions just careful observation of the photo #welovelego #gloucesterlife
Day 23 of #30dayswild and we're off to the allotment to sow this gift of wildflowers from @gloswildlife #gloucesterlife #gardeningwithkidsisfun #nipitinthebudblog
Hello weekend 😄 You may have crash landed at 5.30am with a wet bed and mastitis but you are always welcome. #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog
We're starting the transition from nappies to potty with the fab @oxotot_uk potty chair. It has a big thumbs up for comfort as a snack chair, big brother thinks it's a funny hat and L likes zooming cars around in it but so far no nappy off action! I got a bit excited when L appeared naked saying "wee wee" but the puddle was on the sofa with his cloth nappy neatly removed next to it. I think we can call that progress? #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog #toiletlearning @thelennyagency
I love Fridays. G and I get Thai noodles from the Farmers Market and eat our lunch in the new outdoor space @gloucestercathedral . Luca loves to walk along the stone benches and they're the perfect width for independently minded toddlers to go it alone. He always looks pleased as punch as he waves us off to go and explore #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog
We love the straw on the @oxotot_uk twist top bottle - anytime L wants to pick something up he just let's go and grips it with his teeth. Staying hydrated doesn't have to stop play! @thelennyagency #gardeningwithkidsisfun #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog
Keeping cool on the plot with our @oxotot_uk water bottles. We never leave home without them @thelennyagency . #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog #gardeningwithkidsisfun
E's handiwork making "LOVE" out of rocks, filmed by @chriswatkinsmedia ,for George's #spacesgloucester music project. The perfect way to end the longest day and doubling up as a #30dayswild activity. Fab. @gloswildlife
Euan on Selsley Common with @musicalgeorgemoorey marking day 21 of #30dayswild with a bit of filming with for George's #spacesgloucester project
#gardeningwithkidsisfun - our latest allotment update is now on the blog (no Euan this time but a new playmate for L and broad beans at snack time). #nipitinthebudblog #gloucesterlife #allotmentgardening #growingwithkids #growyourownveg
It's just as well we're a cat family with no garden or this little fella would have persuaded us all to get a dog by now! #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog
We've got the window cleaners in! #gloucesterlife #nipitinthebudblog #putyourkidstowork

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