a porcelain wedding anniversary

September 4, 2016 at 8:52 pm 2 comments

18 years wed and my anniversary gift to G tomorrow will be to start to declutter our porcelain and every other cupboard in the house!  I read “The life changing magic of tidying” last week and am itching to get started.  G is thrilled but I’m sure he wishes it hadn’t taken so long for me to see the light!  Bless him for his patience and perseverance with his tidy Ying to my messy Yang.

I was looking through some old photos with E today and came across this one from my 21st birthday in 1996.  How fresh faced we were and already making plans for a life together beyond college.  We could never have predicted it would take so long to create our family and complete it with L more than 20 years after falling in love.

Becoming a Mum for the second time at  41, when many of our friends are raising teenagers, has found me reflecting on who will be in our lives when E and L are young men.  One of my greatest joys when I fell pregnant with E after years of infertility was that my Nan was still alive to see G and I become parents.  She loved chatting to G about growing up in London and was quite taken by our little E and his interest in his Dad’s musical instruments.

(Me, Nan and G in 2002)

Nan died in 2013 when E was 15 months old – she would have been 99 this month.  I love how she is still very real to E through the stories we share when he looks at photos.  Although L won’t have met her she’ll be part of his life too.  The years may pass but the stories remain.

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