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boys in a bucket | August 2018 siblings project

We took part in the siblings project in July and shared the delights of a British heatwave and the simplicity of paddling pool fun. When Euan was little we simply filled up a tub with water and each year snapped a ”boy in a bucket” photo. The last time I shared one in 2016 Luca was a newborn and Euan had his first summer sharing his bucket!

Euan aged 0.5/1.5/2.5 years old in a bucket

I completely forgot to post a ”boys in a bucket” photo last year and looking back at the pictures I realise why – our yard had been stripped back to concrete ready for decking and they couldn’t both comfortably fit in one tub.  I’d persuaded them to take it in turns between the tub and a box with the help of a can of foamy soap.

Our summer holiday this year didn’t unfold as we’d planned and I had to be away from the boys a lot. It made me appreciate how precious it is that our boys are such good friends, making it easy to find people willing to look after them both. I could probably call every siblings post ”Best Friend Brothers” like I did in July. It makes it so much easier as a Mum to leave your children with other people knowing they will take care of each other. Euan is such a nurturing, kind and helpful big brother. Luca is a whirl of funny energy balanced by a gentle ”it’s ok” energy.  Every day I’m thankful I am their Mum.


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best friend brothers |June 2018 siblings project

Telly watching brothers - is my second month jumping in with the Siblings project and unlike the Me and Mine project where it’s hard to get a picture of all 4 of us, I have no shortage of pictures of the boys together. They’re so used to me grabbing my camera and Euan especially is really co-operative about being snapped. I’m still learning about how to get them both in focus at the same time but sometimes the blur or less photogenic faces are exactly what capture a moment or memory.  Birthday kisses for Daddy, shot on my phone at 7am, is a case in point!
Birthday kisses for Daddy -

I think ice lollies will continue to feature in blog posts for the next few months. Euan’s current faves are Nobbly Bobbly’s and Mystery Lollies (where the flavour is not what you’d expect from the colour ie. the orange lolly is apple flavoured, the green lolly is peach).  Luca loves these traffic light lollies.
Brothers with ice lollies -

We’re visiting the allotment as often as we can but between school and busy weekends it’s sometimes only alternate weekends (as you may already know from reading our various ‘gardening with kids’ updates).  It really warms my heart not only to see them developing a genuine enjoyment for growing and a knowledge about the plants there but also the commaradery between them when it’s time for a break or I task Euan to keep an eye on Luca while I pop to get some tool or other from the shed.  They both love Dave our allotment guardian.
brothers working at the allotment
allotment growers -

Having an allotment has been really helpful for completing some of our challenges to get out in to nature or carry out an act of random wildness as part of the Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild nature challenge. We’re halfway through and if you missed what we’ve been up to you can read about our first 15 days here.

We had a fab trip to Cornwall during half term. One of the highlights was the time we spent at the beach and simply noticing how children get absorbed by what their doing, often only looking up to connect with loved ones to share comments about what they’re making. At Perranporth beach we spent a lovely couple of hours quietly observing the boys in their separate activities – Euan digging a big hole to sit in and Luca making sand shapes or walking backwards and forwards to the water to paddle. From time to time Euan would call to Luca to come and look at his work which Luca would dutifully do, smile and nod an ”oh yeah” and then toddle off again!

My last photos really amuse me and were the result of remaining in the background when I overhead this conversation.

(Euan) ”Hey Luca would you like me to draw some tattoos on your foot?
You would. Well ok then, would you like a duck or a bird?
A duck, great. There you go then.

(Luca) ”oh yeah. Gack. Nice

The duck was actually on the top side of Ls feet. He liked them so much Euan drew another bird on the bottom of his foot. Luca then attempted a scribble of his own and this was the only photo I could get as he turned my attempts into a chasing game and was full of wriggly giggles. Some people might have prickled at Euan’s question to Luca and intervened but I didn’t feel it was necessary to set a limit at this stage. As predicted Luca was thrilled by both the experience and the result.
toddler tattoos -
Euan's tattooed feet -
Euan tattooed his own feet beautifully too and when he asked me if he could do more drawings on Luca’s arms I gently said ”I think tattooed feet is enough” to which E replied ”yes I think you’re right”.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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best friend brothers |April 2018 siblings project

brothers eating ice lollies

Brotherly love and rocket lollies

Many moons ago I joined in with other bloggers to share a monthly family portrait as part of the Me and Mine project.  When E was born in 2012 I kept it up for over a year and it was great to be reminded to take a picture of the 3 of us as it just doesn’t happen otherwise.  When Luca was born I thought I’d jump back in with the project but two kids was more of a juggle than I’d imagined.  I managed it for a couple of months when Luca was a year old but just didn’t seem to find the time for writing so the photos I was taking remained unshared (link here for all the Me and Mine posts I did publish).  My last Me and Mine family portrait was a year ago when we visited friends in the Isle of Wight (you see how lovely projects like this are for capturing moments that would otherwise be undocumented!).  I don’t know why I find it so hard to stay committed to things I enjoy, in fact even saying it’s hard implies I thought about it, struggled and failed.  It wasn’t even that, I simply didn’t remember to even try.  George often works over teatime/evenings and is in and out at the weekend so reaching for my camera for a family snap isn’t something I do that often.

Anyway the reason I’m telling you this is because alongside Me and Mine a second photo challenge was set up called The Siblings Project.  I always fancied joining in with that too but as you can imagine, didn’t get round to it.  In Luca’s first year I did at least remember to get plenty of brothers pictures for my own albums.  I shared this little collage of the brothers in Luca’s first few months and if I trawled back through my albums I’d no doubt be able to create more (in fact I’m going to set that challenge for myself to do that!).  Despite G’s absence for family pictures I am taking more and more pictures of the boys at least so it was really timely when I logged in to Twitter this morning and saw someone else’s Siblings Project post.  I clicked the link to see when I needed to join in by and it seemed too fortuitous to miss that the 15th of the month is when it opens and today I have an hour of child free time left before L wakes up.

Collage - Brothers

So without further ado here are a few pictures of the boys at play over the last month.  As you can see ice lollies are a popular feature!

Brothers at Slimbridge WWT

Bird watching at Slimbridge WWT

brothers eating ice lollies

More ice lollies in the yard!

Brothers making birthday cakes

cake making brothers for Luca’s birthday

Siblings Project_brothers on a 2nd birthday -

Happy Birthday dear Luca, 2 today!

Siblings Project_brothers on beanbag with ice lollies -

Still loving the rocket lollies!

I’d really like to say I will keep up with the Siblings Project now that I’ve jumped in. I’ve been reading a book called ”Better than Before:  mastering the habits of our everyday lives’  by Gretchen Rubin and it’s helping me to see where I fall down with keeping commitments that benefit me.  Gretchen’s solution for Obligers like me who find easy to do things for other people but hard to do things for ourselves is to create an external expectation.  For example, rather than saying I’ll make good food choices to be as healthy as I can I’m more likely to stick with it if I say ”I want to make good food choices so I’m strong and healthy for the boys”.  So I’m sending out the intention to share a monthly post of the boys adventures together and I hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much as I enjoy creating them.  Perhaps you’d share a comment below if you would enjoy seeing more siblings posts and when my motivation wanes I can come back to this first Siblings Project post and renew my commitment. Thanks for reading and your ongoing support for my blogging journey.

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The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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Technology saves the day - G googled this while stood in @sainsburys with E feeling minifigures packets. Successfully identified the two that he wanted (double win as series 18 are £1.50 at the moment so he unexpectedly got 2 for his hard earned £3)
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We live in a street of HMOs where tenants come and go and we are in the only family home. We miss the neighbourly-ness we see friends have in their streets. But when it matters the kindness of strangers comes through. We found a note on our car this morning from someone who had witnessed a bus crunch into our car early this morning and drive off. I've no idea how the driver plans to explain away chunks of paint missing from the bumper (fragments of which are now in Gs pocket as he walks round to the bus depot to ask them to investigate).
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And here he is! Keeping a somewhat serene pace on the pavement (versus super speed at the park). 2.5 year old L on a @3stylescooters sized for 7+ years. He's the bomb! #scooterkids #scootingtoddler
Joy summed up. Little brother sneaking a ride on big brothers @3stylescooters wheels after school drop off
Luca enjoying hugs with "Nana bear". A beautiful momento made from one of Mum's shirts by the @sueryderleckhampton sewing group. They give their time freely to make the bears in exchange for a donation to the charity. They made two bears from one shirt and the other is providing comfort to my Niece in Germany 💕
So this has become our after dinner thing - "park in the dark" with scooters. We love Es @3stylescooters with light up wheels
We love our @nationaltrust membership for fab days out. These two love their binoculars which you get free when you sign up (thank you for our second pair to ease the pain of trying to share when you're two and think everything belongs to you). Our top NT pick this month is @ntcroome , perfect easy afternoon out from Gloucestershire or a pitstop near Worcester just off the M5

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