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Me and Mine 2014 {March family portrait}

This time last year E had a cold for weeks.  This month it was my turn with a lingering cough that turned into a stuffy nose post swim!  I seem to have shaken it off faster than all other colds in the last 2 years – proof that unbroken sleep really is the best medicine now E no longer wakes at night (hoorah).

The biggest news this month was my Dad turning 70.  We would never have predicted a few years ago that he’d celebrate it by crawling around a soft play centre after these two lovelies!  23-3-14 - zac & euan

The pub lunch was perhaps a bit more predictable and certainly eating lots of birthday cake back at Nana’s was an absolute given.  We had a great family weekend together.  The at-arms-length family portrait snapped on my phone wasn’t intended for Me and Mine (see my last post about never having a camera with me anymore) but it’s the only family portrait we have this month.  23-3-14 - moorey family selfie

It’s interesting to see how the cousins have changed since last year.  For E development appears be measured in hair growth and reluctance to sit for a picture!
boys with birthday grandad 4B
Taking part in the Me and Mine family portrait is proving to be brilliant for year on year comparisons. It’s never to late to join in. For more info and posts by other bloggers see Lucy’s blog Dear Beautiful Boy.


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Me and Mine 2014 {February family portrait}

E with trolley case 4BFebruary was a fab month for spending time together.  G and I enjoyed an afternoon cinema trip and dinner for two to celebrate my birthday (relaxed in the knowledge that E was having an excellent time with Nana and Grandad).  Then at the end of the month we went on our first family trip abroad – to Ireland to visit friends.Me and Mine Feb 2014 4B
Staying with friends is so relaxing – no agenda, no clock, just simple pleasures like breakfasting together, taking it in turns for a lie in, catching up over a cuppa.  Anything you do plan in a ”let’s go!’‘ kind of way is a bonus and we were lucky enough to have some trips out too.  Our outdoors adventure was to Donadea Forest where a scenic amble round the lake proved to be a bit heart stopping.  Our inquisitive toddlers were reluctant to believe the awesome power of their wellies were not up to the task of stamping in the giant (lake) puddle!

We had a fab time indoors too acing all good toddler stuff. Collage - Charlie's house 4B
E was such a star as a first time flyer sitting up in his own seat with so little fuss that he received a packet of biscuits from the stewardess when we left for being ”the best boy on the plane”.  On our return flight he showed the same slight apprehension he felt first time round as the plane climbed steeply on take off;  ”Mumma hold Euan, Dadda hold Euan” he said quietly as he gripped our hands into his lap.  A minute later he was asleep, a relaxed seasoned traveller now (or perhaps just comfortable in the knowledge all is well as long as Mumma and Dadda are to hand).large

We’re late with our family portrait post as E and I were both struck down with a virus and ear infections on our return from Ireland.  March has been somewhat bleurgh so far so who knows what next month’s ‘Me and Mine’ will bring …

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January me and mine {a birthday family portrait}

18-1-14 - us 3 4B
This year got off to an exciting start celebrating E’s second birthday. Having a winter baby limits what you can do by way of outdoor adventures so we opted for a soft play morning with his cousin Zac followed by a Chinese buffet lunch.18-1-14 - E and Zac at Play Farm 4B
Then back to Nana and Grandads for play and cake. I used the same sponge recipe as last year but baked the cake in a bundt ring tin. The animals atop the cake were made by Daddy who’s used to creating things out of plasticine for making animations).
18-1-14 - E with birthday cake 4B
It was a great day and we’re loving this wonderful journey of life with our chattery, gentle, funny, gorgeous boy. To find out more about the Me and Mine monthly challenge if you want to join in for 2014 and for posts by other families taking part

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Me and Mine {December family portrait}

This is so last year {wink}.  Sigh. Better late than never eh?
With festive gatherings a plenty through December how could we not have managed a December family snapshot?  Our friend Kev snapped these for us at his New Years Eve gathering half an hour from the stroke of midnight when it became apparent E was a sneeze away from collapsing in a heap.
New Years Eve 1 4BNew Years Eve 2 4BNew Years Eve 3 4B
It’s been lovely taking part in the monthly Me and Mine challenge.
What a great momento of a fab 2nd year with our boy. Collage Me and Mine 2013 4B
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me and mine {November family portrait}

I’d like to say I was on the ball with November’s Me and Mine but I’d be fibbing.
It only dawned on me that it was the end of the month with the realisation that December will be with us tomorrow. We had to pounce on the lady running the kids craft activities at the Wynstones Advent Fair to get this month’s snapshot. E hurtling off the chair sums up the little force of nature our little boy is becoming. No time for posing when there are adventures to be had!
30-11-13 - me and mine Nov 4B
Oranges, ribbons and a bowl of cloves were set out on one of the other craft tables so when we got home we made our own orange pomander. Well I say we, E helped by tipping all the cloves out and then trying to put them back in the jar through the sprinkle holes.
30-11-13 - E with cloves 4BMaking an orange and clove pomander is such a relaxing way to spend half an hour. Not to mention how amazing it smells.30-11-13 - orange and clove pomander 4B
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Me and Mine {October family portrait}

Another month has passed and I finally got the tripod out yesterday in an attempt to ‘set up’ a family portrait for our October Me and Mine.  I got a lovely picture of me and E diving onto the sofa as we tested out our timer settings and then E managed to bump his head within seconds of sitting on Daddy’s lap so plans were aborted.
Tears soon forgotten when we started playing with photo booth instead …Photo booth Collage
A crazy amount of portraits from a crazy amount of fun…
more photobooth Collage
Happy tears a plenty by the end. E even made his own little video…
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me and mine {September family portrait}

21-9-13 - Zac bday_E face painting 4Bdoh, doh and double doh!  The end of the month has crept up on me again and I’ve experienced my first ‘Me and Mine’ defeat.   334 photos in my September folder and not a single one of all 3 of us!
21-9-13 - Zac bday_E tiger face* 4B
September has been a month of celebrations; blessed relief from continued rain related DIY nightmares at home.  First two wedding anniversaries; our 15th and Mum and Dad’s 45th.  Then a 20 year college reunion in Lancaster.  And last week two birthdays; E’s cousin Zac’s 2nd and remembering Nan on what would have been her 96th birthday.
21-9-13 - Zac bday_cake 4B
Zac’s celebrations saw little party goers transformed into animals (miraculously so in 2 minutes, the maximum sitting still time you can expect from a toddler) and the arrival of  Peppa Pig.  E had no idea who Peppa was but delighted in getting her attention by tugging her skirt saying ”oink oink piggy, oink oink”.
21-9-13 - Zac bday_Peppa Pig with Zac 2 4B
My Dad emailed this picture of the 3 of us to me in September.
A suitable Me and Mine substitute for this month do you think?3 of us by Dad
This photo captured a first for us as parents: coming together again after a trip to the cinema. Just the two of us… for the first time in over 2 years.
We chose an 11am showing so there was no danger of us falling asleep! 
At the end of the film we rang Mum and she insisted we stay out for lunch since E was having such a nice time hanging out in the garden. Win-Win.
Family. Don’t you just love ’em.

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