wordless wednesday

2009 Kames - daisies

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wordless wednesday

2009 Kames cows

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wordless wednesday

2-8-10 - Durham_lavender bee* 4B

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best friends

Collage - brothers tshirts
My heart is filled with joy when I see the love growing between these brothers.
Of course there’s much hilarity too.  Like when I asked E to keep an eye on his baby brother while I popped to the loo.  I left to the sound of kisses on his head and declarations of love and returned to the sound of giggles.
“Look Mummy he’s got cheese sick ears”.
Ever the comedian our boy!
L with cotton wool ears

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baby’s 100th day

Luca 100 days 4B
Family day at one of our favourite walking spots, Crickley Hill on Luca’s 100th day.

In Chinese tradition family and friends celebrate a baby’s 100th day to represent the wish that the baby will live for 100 years. When E was born we celebrated with Chinese friends Jason and Lei who cooked us an amazing meal but Luca’s 100 day celebration has coincided with their summer trip to China so we’ll catch up with them when they’re back. Our two boys really are so alike!
24-5-12 - Jason's 100 days photo with Euan 2 4B
Collage - Es 100 days meal 4B

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a second (and third) haircut

Collage - March haircuts”14 months after his first visit to the hair salon to tame his crazy curls and neaten up his fluffy baby hair E got his second professional haircut. This time a home visit by Nicci so we could all be trimmed without me having to endure the discomfort of the car. I’ve trimmed his hair a few times in between hair cuts but the last few months Es curls have dropped and a mummy cut is not as flattering as it once was!”

So began the blog post drafted in March when I was 37 weeks pregnant.  Fast forward 3 months and with a 2 month old babe in arms Nicci knocked at our door again for a summer cut to lighten the load on E’s sweaty head and neaten up my postnatally lack lustre hair.
Collage - Haircut July 2016 4B
22-6-16 - new haircuts 4B

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boys in a bucket

Our 5th summer with a boy in a bucket.
How lovely to have company, even if it is a bit of a squeeze!
17-7-16 - boy in a bucket E with 12 week old Luca* 4B
17-7-16 - boys in a bucket_cuddle 4B
What a difference one year makes…
Boy in a bucket 2015 4B
and two, and three and four…
Collage - boy in buckets 4B

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