four little words

Four little words.  Caught in my throat.  Barely a whisper.  As tears filled my eyes.
G smiled.  Silently.  Before bear hugging the breath out of me.

Four little words. ”We made a baby”



a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment
that brings very welcome consequences.

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rainy day play

1 Marbles 4B2 Number grid 4B3 E 4B4 gird close up 4B5 colour sorting 4B

Rolling, counting, sorting.

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life with a fabulous 3 year old

What a champ this kid is! About to get in the car for his first day at a new playgroup, not a care in the world. The only new kid starting that day, he ran straight in, tracked down the lego and started playing as if he’d been there just the day before. Our fabulous, funny, self-assured boy.E first day at Little Hares
E is 3.5 years old now (3.5! I know I can’t believe it either) and attends 4 sessions a week at playgroup.  We decided to split his time between his much loved current playgroup in the City and a more rural setting 15 minutes drive from home.  We don’t have a garden of our own so we felt it was important for E to have opportunities for outdoor adventures in the rain, making mud pies and taking turns on a rope swing.  It’s proving to be wonderful way for him to spend his week.
14-9-15 - WOW voucher
Life at his old playgroup is sweet too. E and his friends are now the oldest and have been welcoming younger children into the setting.  We were so proud to find this WOW voucher in his book bag last week.  E on the other hand was rather non-chalant – all in a days work when you’re a kind, friendly and helpful pre-schooler.

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Rugby World Cup 2015 comes to Gloucester

rwc_hostcitysmallWhether you’re a rugby fan or not it would be hard not to notice that the Rugby World Cup 2015 has come to England and starts today (England v Fiji at Twickenham). It’s all very exciting here in Gloucester because our rugby ground in Kingsholm is hosting 4 matches, starting with Tonga v Georgia tomorrow.

It’s a real boost for our small city and it’s not just sports enthusiasts who will benefit when the World Cup kicks off. An official economic study into the impact of the tournament says it’s going to bring £48 million of economic activity into the city.

As for us we’re just enjoying all the Rugby related hype and activities that have been taking place around the City over the last few weeks, most notably following the Scrumpty trail. Inspired by the legend of Humpty Dumpty artists from around the country created twenty 5 feet tall Scrumpty mascots.
The trail can easily be completed in a couple of hours but it’s worth allowing a whole day to take in the historic sights you’ll discover along the way such as the Cathedral and the Docks. For little 3 year old legs I recommend plenty of pitstops with favourite snacks, a Daddy on hand for shoulder carries and a small toy for playing hide and seek in the cloisters garden at the Cathedral! (one of E’s favourite pastimes on any given day)

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refreshing Taylors Tea ice cubes

Taylors Tea x3 boxes 4B
Gloucestershire is a long way from Yorkshire which could be why I’d never heard of Taylor’s tea before. I have my friend Jennie to thank for the wonderful discovery of Taylors Sweet Rhubarb tea when we caught up recently.
Taylors logo
We nattered for so long my tea was cold by the time I finished it. I could easily have mistaken it for a delicious rhubarb cordial if I’d not seen Jennie boil the kettle to make it.

A quick visit to the Taylors Tea website reveals their herbal infusions are created in partnership with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and use only natural ingredients and no added sugar. The tangy sweet flavour of the natural rhubarb in this blend is partnered with refreshingly sharp apple and the peppy zing of blackberry leaf.
Taylors Tea ice cubes 4B
Inspired by cold tea and a preference for giving E herbal teas instead of juice or squash I decided to make Sweet Rhubarb ice cubes. One teabag in a mug of tea left to stew and cool easily filled two small ice cube trays. We simply covered our ice cubes with water the first time before experimenting with sparkling water to create a home made version of our favourite thirst quenching bubbly drink.
Taylors Tea ice cubes_trays 4B
Taylors Tea - E tasting 4B
We also sampled Spiced Apple tea from the new herbal tea range. The lusciously fruity apple pieces blended with aromatic star anise, punchy ginger root and the warming sweetness of cardamom and cinnamon was evocative of the sweet smell of Chai tea. It’s become a firm favourite as a caffeine free alternative – I love the Chai like spice blend but dislike the black tea used in other blends (don’t tell anyone but I still sometimes add a drop of milk to this fruit blend!). Taylors tea bags 4B
Finally we tried Green Tea with Strawberry and Vanilla. I’m not a fan of green teas but drink them in a medicinal kind of way on the two days I’m at work (ie. I hear they’re good for you but I can only tolerate the blends that have had some fruit thrown at them). Taylors Tea Green Tea has a distinctly fresh and natural strawberry flavour and smells delightful. Sadly for my palatte it’s still a little too green to buy it again. Nevertheless it’s not going to waste – I’m still making a medicinal morning green tea by pairing it with one of my other fruit blends or mixing some cocoa powder into it!
Disclosure: Taylors Tea sent me 3 tea blends to try. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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wordless wednesday

9-8-15 - Euan off slide 4B

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a way to make your soul grow

‘To practice any art, no matter how well or badly,
is a way to make your soul grow.  So do it.”
– Kurt Vonnegut

30-7-15 - E drawing in the kitchen 1 4B
Collage - drawing in the kitchen
30-7-15 - E drawing in the kitchen 5 4B
30-7-15 - E drawing in the kitchen 6 4B
”It’s not only children who grow.  Parents do too.
As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives,
they are watching us to see what we do with ours.
I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun.
All I can do is reach for it, myself”.

– Joyce Maynard

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