best foot forward (getting ready for school)

E's last day at playgroup
When E left playgroup in July he’d changed so much from his first day aged 2 years 9 months. Who knew that the summer holidays would see him literally grow taller, become stronger and faster and ooze a newly tapped self-assurance.
July - E on the beach 4B
Ready to take on the world!

E naturally favours being barefoot and kicks his shoes off at the first opportunity.  I wonder what his school teacher would say if he insisted on taking his shoes off (we can ask her next week when she makes a home visit to each child in her class the week before they start!)  Perhaps we’ll tell her about the work of researchers at Bournemouth University who studied thousands of children from 25 countries over ten years and found children with no shoes behave better and achieve better grades. Experts believe having children remove their shoes for the classroom improves their learning because it makes them relax and “feel at home”, and have called on teachers in the UK to apply similar “shoeless” policies.
29-7-16 - barefoot marshmallow roasting

Until children are encouraged to go barefoot in school the best we can do is continue to buy E foot-shaped barefoot shoes with a wide toe box to allow for the natural development of the foot, a flexible sole to feel the ground beneath his feet and made from natural, breathable materials.  After our experiment at the age of 2 to find the perfect barefoot shoe for our wide toed, skinny ankled boy, Bobux shoes continue to be our go to brand.

Bobux Echo shoes copyI crossed all fingers and toes when I browsed our favourite on-line shoe shop for a Bobux style that would tick ”smart black shoes” off the school uniform list.  2 days later E’s parcel arrived from Bear-foot shoes.  So simple, one choice and no shlepping around the shops in the last week of the summer holidays.

E’s actually yet to try them on (“I’m too busy right now Mummy”) but I know they’ll be fine. E has other Bobux shoes and boots and measuring his feet myself at home and checking against the size guides on the Bear-foot website always ends in just the right fit.  I hope he hasn’t grown too much since his trial run with his new uniform at the start of the summer!  Do you think the shark headwear is a bit much?
2-7-16 - school uniform trial run copy

ps. Bear-foot also stock a Bobux style suitable as a girl’s school shoe

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peas in a pod

There’s an old wives tale that all babies look like their father’s so they’ll want to stick around. No mistaking the genetic link between these 3.
Collage - Moorey boys tummy time
My guys: G 1975, E 2012, L 2016

I flicked through my old baby albums and there’s not a sniff of a likeness!  It was only when E turned 2 or 3 that people started to say he looked like me.  I see it in his expressions and mimicking of some of the things I say (”wow, that’s great”). I’m pleased to say in the smile at least there’s something of the Mum in the boy!
Collage - Mummy and E pre-schooler comparison

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wordless wednesday

2009 Kames - daisies

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wordless wednesday

2009 Kames cows

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wordless wednesday

2-8-10 - Durham_lavender bee* 4B

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best friends

Collage - brothers tshirts
My heart is filled with joy when I see the love growing between these brothers.
Of course there’s much hilarity too.  Like when I asked E to keep an eye on his baby brother while I popped to the loo.  I left to the sound of kisses on his head and declarations of love and returned to the sound of giggles.
“Look Mummy he’s got cheese sick ears”.
Ever the comedian our boy!
L with cotton wool ears

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baby’s 100th day

Luca 100 days 4B
Family day at one of our favourite walking spots, Crickley Hill on Luca’s 100th day.

In Chinese tradition family and friends celebrate a baby’s 100th day to represent the wish that the baby will live for 100 years. When E was born we celebrated with Chinese friends Jason and Lei who cooked us an amazing meal but Luca’s 100 day celebration has coincided with their summer trip to China so we’ll catch up with them when they’re back. Our two boys really are so alike!
24-5-12 - Jason's 100 days photo with Euan 2 4B
Collage - Es 100 days meal 4B

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