farm fresh air (JCB Kids Dig the Adventure)

16-5-15 - Farm cottage_G and E looking at the Black Mountains 4B 16-5-15 - Farm cottage_black mountains view 4B 16-5-15 - Farm cottage_G and E looking at view 4B15-5-15 - Farm Cottage_E walking with hat 4B16-5-15 - Farm cottage_E walking on trunk 4B16-5-15 - Farm cottage_G and E bug inspection 4B We had a blissful time staying on a farm in Herefordshire last weekend for George’s 40th birthday. Daily ambles out to see the sheep included chats over the fence with the cows and collecting eggs from the hens for breakfast. We found bugs, a pond, sticks galore and oh, the excitement of cow pats! Such a lovely way to spend quality time as a family. 15-5-15 - Farm Cottage_boys poking cow pat 4BYou won’t find cow pat poking on any ”10 outdoor activities for the weekend’‘ list but there are plenty of other suggestions from JCB Kids as part of their Dig the Adventure campaign to encourage families to get outdoors.  Chalk drawing would certainly be in my top 5 (but then you know that from our back yard art posts). 17-5-15 - Farm Cottage chalk drawing 4B We received E’s green ‘Build It’ t-shirt and ‘Joey JCB’ hat for taking part in the JCB Kids Dig the Adventure challenge.  E loved wearing both and anyone with a toddler will know if it’s not love at first sight you’ll run out of steam trying to persuade them long before they consider wriggling into it!  The hat was nice and roomy for E’s mop of curls – he only removed it when the wind picked up and he tired of holding it on. 16-5-15 - Farm cottage_wearing Joey JCB hat 4B It was breezier than the sunshine suggested most of the weekend so E’s second JCB Kids T-shirt was only uncovered on our return home.  The ”Build It” slogan was as appropriate indoors as out as he occupied himself building lego creations while we unpacked and sorted out the washing. 20-5-15 - E in red stripey Tshirt 4B I rather liked the outtakes too – such a comedian our funny, sunny boy.
JCB tshirt collage 4B
Disclosure: We were sent these clothes from the George range at ASDA. We were not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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wordless wednesday

16-5-15 - Farm Cottage_tree trunk 4B
16-5-15 - Farm Cottage_tree trunk G 4B
16-5-15 - Farm Cottage_tree trunk G and E 4B

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be content with what you have

26-3-15 - E with water squirter 4B
“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to

– Lao Tzu

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back yard art

Simple pleasures.  oh to be 3.  E’s chalk picture of 5 days ago is all the more vivid with this morning’s rain.  A cheery site from the kitchen window.

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Gloucester City Museum

City dwelling has its bright side and one of them is definitely Gloucester City Museum. Who’d have thought 2 small boys could while away 3 hours in one place.
image-4 image-5

So much history, so much fun!

At bedtime we talk about E’s favourite part of the day and he names 3 good things that happened. On this day his number one good thing? ”Pressing the blue buttons to hear the Lady talk about the stones – it was a bit loud though!”

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wordless wednesday

19-3-15_piano fingers 4B
19-3-15 - piano boy 4B

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painting Easter eggs

Painting eggs collage 4B
5-3-15  eggs for painting_6
5-3-15  eggs for painting_7
5-3-15  eggs for painting_4
Happy Easter!

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