back yard art

Simple pleasures.  oh to be 3.  E’s chalk picture of 5 days ago is all the more vivid with this morning’s rain.  A cheery site from the kitchen window.

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Gloucester City Museum

City dwelling has its bright side and one of them is definitely Gloucester City Museum. Who’d have thought 2 small boys could while away 3 hours in one place.
image-4 image-5

So much history, so much fun!

At bedtime we talk about E’s favourite part of the day and he names 3 good things that happened. On this day his number one good thing? ”Pressing the blue buttons to hear the Lady talk about the stones – it was a bit loud though!”

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wordless wednesday

19-3-15_piano fingers 4B
19-3-15 - piano boy 4B

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painting Easter eggs

Painting eggs collage 4B
5-3-15  eggs for painting_6
5-3-15  eggs for painting_7
5-3-15  eggs for painting_4
Happy Easter!

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going wild for garlic

Cranham woods with E 4BA walk in Cranham woods turned into a happy stumble* across patches of wild garlic when we went to explore this strange looking tree. Cranham woods with E - strange tree 4B Cranham woods with E - wild garlic 4B
What fun we had collecting sticks (no surprises there), nibbling on wild garlic leaves and eating our snacks to free up our Tupperware box for foraging. Cranham woods with E - stick man 4B Cranham woods with E - snack time 4B
Turns out a small snack box doesn’t hold much and it’s pretty slow going when you’re a forager clutching a stick collection! Cranham woods with E - forager 4B
To make our pesto style sauce I whizzed up our garlic leaves (17g), with 10g walnuts, 10g hard cheese, seasoning and 25ml rapeseed oil (different choice of ingredients but quantities based on those in Hedgerow (River Cottage Handbook, No.7)Wild garlic pesto collage 4B
It tastes so fresh and vibrant and it’s surprising how such a small amount goes a long way.  The equivalent of 5 teaspoons of pesto has stretched to jazzing up pasta, potato salad and adding some zing to soup. Wild garlic pesto - on pasta 4B
No prizes for guessing where we’ll be returning to soon!

*Literally a stumble when only a minute or two before E had learned that getting out of a tree is not always as easy as climbing in. No harm done and all in the name of independence! Cranham woods with E - climbing out of strange tree 4B

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today was good, today was fun

E full of life
“Today was good.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.”
Dr Seuss

(phone cameras – capturing those precious moments one fuzzy shot at a time!)

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The Giant Wiggle at St Catharine’s Under Fives

Hungry caterpillar fruit
”Off the top of my head we could watch the DVD of the hungry caterpillar, do some art and craft, be the Hungry Caterpillar at lunch and munch through some fruit together and afterwards “wiggle” off on a nature walk”.

That’s how they roll at St Catharine’s Under Fives … planning fun and creative activities for the kids as a matter of course and always welcoming opportunities for ‘‘off the top of my head’‘ ideas.  Kate, the playleader, hadn’t heard of the Giant Wiggle before I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago but her response was an immediate ”sounds wonderful, what is it?”.  At St Catharine’s today it looked like this
Giant Wiggle - Kai drawing 4BGiant Wiggle - Jude and Levi drawing 4B Giant Wiggle - E wearing crown 4B
The children had a wonderful time crafting and playing and re-telling the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. At lunch time they munched through piles of caterpillar nibbled fruit (and not a single person asked where the chocolate cake was!).
Giant Wiggle - plate of fruit 4B

Giant Wiggle - bowl of strawberries 4B

”On Thursday he ate through 4 strawberries…”

The Giant Wiggle is a sponsored walk organised by Action for Children, a national charity that supports the most vulnerable children and young people in the heart of communities throughout the UK. Last year more than 32,000 children in 800 schools and nurseries took part in the Giant Wiggle raising £80,000 for Action for Children.
At St Catharine’s the children wiggled their way around the grounds of the church next door (after a bit of indoor practice wriggling about on their tummies).
Collage - giant wiggle
All the children received certificates and parents kindly made donations. Every penny counts when put into the right hands.
– £5 provides emergency overnight support for a young person living on the street
– £10 will pay for swimming and hydrotherapy sessions for a disabled child
– £20 pays for 15 children to have breakfast at an Action for Children’s breakfast club
Giant Wiggle - fundraising 4B
Wiggling is thirsty work and the kids re-energised with some delicious juice boxes from our friends at Cawston Press (you may recall how much E loves Cawston Press Kids Blends).  To celebrate their partnership with Action for Children and The Giant Wiggle they’re giving away The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ gift hampers every week until 3rd May.  Weren’t we lucky – free drinks and the chance to enter the unique codes from our promotional triple packs (you can enter as many times as the juice boxes you drink!).
Giant Wiggle - juice boxes 4B
how wiggling helps children in Gloucestershire
Action for Children provide services in the community that support children and young people to fulfil their potential and address the problems they face at the earliest opportunity.  In Gloucestershire, through a partnership with the 2gether Trust, an innovative mental health service is available to children and young people facing extreme emotional difficulties.  By receiving home based support they’re developing the self-esteem, resilience and social skills to participate in normal day to day activities that most of us take for granted.  In Stroud a supported housing project enables young adults with learning disabilities  to develop a broad range life skills and experience to enable them to live independently in their own homes with minimal support.

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